Web Design

Websites that work

Do you want a website that works, is easy to manage, up to date and converts visitors to customers? That’s what we specialise in, building websites that work.

We believe that the term web design encompasses much more than how a website looks. Good web design has the ability to communicate much more than the information on the page, it has the ability to make a visitor feel and experience. Website design takes into account everything from the way the website is structured to how the information is presented and ensures everything is logical.

A website with a good web design will provide the visitor with a quality experience. A website with a good web design will provide a seamless experience across all platforms (mobile, desktop, tablet…) and be easy to use.

Client Collaboration

Design is a shared process. We engage with you throughout the project to ensure we are both working toward our shared vision. Our enthusiasm to impress you and your customers will mean we are always focused on the goals your website needs to achieve. After we’ve discussed our ideas, and looked over some sketches and preliminary mock-ups we will design, test, review and improve until the design is ready to be developed.

During our design process we collaborate, experiment and test together to ensure we are always pushing in the right direction.

Responsive Design. Pixel Perfect Design for Every Device

Modern websites need to appear great on all devices. Mobile browsing has overtaken desktop browsing so our websites are built to respond to a user’s environment. This ensure that your website will have a consistent design and message regardless of whether the visitor is on their laptop, mobile, TV or tablet. Doing this means we can get your message to as many of your potential customers as possible.

Our Responsive design works seamlessly across multiple devices, screen sizes and content systems. This helps your business meet the needs of your clients wherever they may be so you never miss an opportunity.

Branding & Identity

Capturing your brand’s identity is crucial to create a professional and trustworthy feel for your site. A visitor is much more likely to pay attention to the information on your site if your branding and messaging is consistent. When we design a website we make sure that everything is to your brand’s specifications. We ensure that your web design¬†adheres to your brand guidelines for everything from your preferred font to your brand’s colours.

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Our Expertise.

Web Design

We specialise in creating unique and memorable experiences. We use leading technologies to build solutions tailor-made to suit your audience and get results.


Internet Marketing

Our internet marketing strategies are highly targeted and thought out to deliver the right leads to your websites and maximise ROI.


Search Engine Optimisation

eGroup Creative uses SEO to help ambitious businesses make the most of their search engine presence and grow their market share online.


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Our graphic designers create logos, branding and material collateral to support your business that are on brand and on message.


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We create eCommerce sites that are easy for business owners to manage and are a joy for customers to use. Sell more online with our eCommerce websites.


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Grow your following and leave your mark with powerful, targeted Social Media solutions. We partner with Rumble Social to get the best results for our clients.