Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Behind every search is a human…

It’s easy for SEOs to lose sight of this. Some SEOs get so caught up in algorithms, meta, keywords, links and all the other technical SEO stuff that they forget that the person behind the keyboard on the other end is a living and breathing human.

We have a core belief that if we spend as much time learning to understand a customer as we spend learning to understand Google, then everyone wins. The customer wins because they will be served by a business that gets them and you’ll win because your website will be more relevant to your customers, keeping them engaged and making them more likely to convert.

Google updates so often that focusing on its algorithm means an SEO is almost always chasing their tail. We choose not to focus on manipulating Google. We create content and experiences around your customers needs to better serve them. In our experience, this is the best way to deliver a high ROI for our SEO clients.

SEO Can't Be Bought
We'll Earn It For You

Unlike some digital marketing, Search Engine Optimisation can’t be bought. But it can be earned and we’ll earn it for you. At Brothers Digital, delivering profitable results for our clients is at the heart of everything we do. We eat, sleep, dream and dance to the tune of SEO.

We believe that SEO should be sustainable and always commercially rewarding for our clients. For us, SEO is holistic. Incorporating a deep understanding of technical SEO, enthralling, quality content that Google and humans love, and targeted, juicy backlinks to drive authority.

At Brothers Digital, we’re unequivocally results-driven. Even the thought of a client ranking poorly in organic search gives us shivers. We set out to achieve long-term, sustainable success for our clients by delivering them the holy grail of SEO – the position 1 organic ranking.

Ensuring Your
Customers Find You

When potential clients are searching for your products or services, can they find you? Or do they find your competitors first? Our customer-centric approach ensures that your website, content and other digital assets are being found.

This doesn’t mean that being number 1 is our top priority. Our priority is delivering a high return on our client’s SEO investment. We measure this in traffic and leads, and the impact our work has on your sales and profit. A number 1 position on Google delivering zero leads is vanity. We’re more for results that help our clients grow.

Our projects and campaigns are always ethical, transparent and well reasoned. We make sure we explain everything clearly so you understand the changes we will make and will communicate with you the impact our work is having on your goals.

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We will work to your goals and will set measurable targets to ensure we meet those goals. Brothers Digital will work tirelessly to improve your rankings to drive quality traffic, increase conversions and generate a larger return on your investment.

The Importance
Of Local SEO

For many small businesses, Local SEO is their lifeline. We’ve worked with businesses where 60% of their clicks, leads and sales stemmed from organic search results in their local area. If your business services a specific area, it is vital your web presence is optimised for local SEO.

At Brothers Digital, we generally work with ‘bigger’ small businesses and medium enterprises who service a specific region. Our work for Maxx Electrical, for example, concentrated entirely on Newcastle and the Hunter region. They only serviced a set area, so there was no point chasing vanity rankings in places like Sydney or Melbourne as that would mean nothing to Maxx’s bottom-line. In fact, we actively optimised against those areas.

Local SEO is about ensuring your web presence is sending the right location signals to Google to rank in the area you want. It goes beyond your own website, also involving the signals other websites are sending about your business and making sure they all match up. It’s tiring work but the result is well worth it.

A Local SEO project managed by Brothers Digital will make sure your business is more visible to the people who are more likely to use it.

If location-based marketing gets you going, be sure to read Tom’s article on the topic here.

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All about Search Engine Optimisation.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is the art of getting your website to appear higher in search engines. SEO is not one single tool or process, it is a series of processes and tools working together to grow a websites rank in a search engine.

A website that ranks highest in Google will receive the bulk of the traffic for that search. Did you know that 80% of searchers won’t travel past the first page to search for products or services.

Search Engine Optimisation is crucial to getting the most out of your web presence. With over 93% of web traffic starting with a search in Google,Yahoo or Bing it is a necessity that your website rank well in these search engines to make sure your business isn’t missing out.

How does SEO work?

Brothers Digital will work with you to sustainably improve your websites’ search rank. Our team will first set goals in collaboration with you to measure the success of your campaign against. We then research and analyse your current situation, your competitors, keyword options and opportunities to figure out our plan of attack. Thirdly, we get to work implementing our strategy.

The most important part of SEO is to always be on the lookout for new opportunities to build authority. Search engines, particularly Google, are constantly changing the way they rank and analyse websites. Your SEO team need to be on their toes and nimble enough to take advantage of these changes. For this reason we are constantly analysing and reporting, searching for ways to do things differently to make sure the great results continue.

Maximising  SEO returns

Maximising your SEO return on investment depends on many factors. For a new website or website that doesn’t rank well, it can take several months for results to start to be seen. Results will be quicker for established, well-ranking site. Patience is key to maximising your SEO potential.

Brothers Digital brings together our expertise in content marketing, user experience, and web design and development to create a holistic search engine optimisation strategy to suit your business. We’ve implemented our SEO strategy successfully for many types of businesses from electricians to multi-store retail outlets, all of which require their budget to stretch as far as possible to deliver measurable, sustainable and profitable results.

For those out there wanting faster results, you could consider combining an SEO strategy with Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising or a search engine marketing (SEM) campaign as part of a wider digital strategy.

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