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Digital transformation is more than just introducing new technology into your business. Real digital transformation happens when a business reimagines its operations to make the most of new technology to deliver a better customer experience. Brothers Digital guides your business through digital transformation by implementing the right digital technology for your needs and supporting your people to make it a success.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is the process of fundamentally changing and adapting business operations to leverage the full potential of new technology. Whatever your sector or industry, this process requires a review of systems, people and processes, going beyond a simple digitisation or modernisation project. 

While digital transformation involves the adoption of new technology, technology alone can’t deliver transformation. True digital transformation requires a rethink of long-standing business processes to make the most of new technology and deliver an improved experience for your customers.  

The aim of digital transformation is to position your business for the future, making the most of technology to improve the customer experience. Despite its name, digital transformation is actually about business and service transformation, using technology to deliver an enhanced experience for your customers.

In this age of disruption, it’s getting harder for businesses to keep up with the pace of change, regardless of your sector or industry. Obviously, technology is a big driver of this trend, with advancements coming at us on all sides, however, technology alone is not driving digital transformation.

The real driver of digital transformation is your customers. 

Customer expectations are growing. Consumers want to engage with you when it suits them. They expect 24/7 availability. Fast and cheap delivery. Instant replies and exceptional customer service. To meet these growing expectations, your business needs to rethink how you use technology, how you engage your customers and how you deliver value to them.

Your business needs to meet the growing demands of customers to stay relevant and competitive now and in the future. If your systems, processes, and people can’t keep up with changing customer expectations, your business will not survive. It’s that simple. 

That is why digital transformation is important to every business in every sector. 

The process of digital transformation helps your business stay relevant by identifying customer expectations, assessing the latest technologies and adapting your systems, processes and operations to deliver an exceptional experience. It’s time to future-proof your business and position yourself as a leader in your industry by embracing digital transformation.

What Does Digital Transformation Look Like?

Digital transformation will look different in every business. However, these examples show the power of leveraging technology to fundamentally change business operations, improve the customer experience and increase sales and growth.

Social Media

many businesses now use social media as a direct link to the customer, encouraging real-time interaction, engagement, and communication (rather than a call centre)

Smartphones & Apps

dedicated apps to process orders for customers has been a game-changer for businesses wanting to engage with customers always on the go.

Self-Service Portals

delivering a platform to help customers serve themselves and access information 24/7 can benefit many businesses and improve the customer experience.

Machine Learning & A.I.

Machine-learning-powered chat bots can answer simple questions and reduce the time customers have to wait to talk to someone, freeing up resources for more complex cases.

As you can see, digital transformation is about meeting the needs of your customers by reviewing your business operations to make the best use of new technology.  While this process may seem overwhelming, Brothers Digital is here to help guide you through it with our new dedicated digital transformation service.

Guiding Your Business Through Digital Transformation

Initiating digital transformation can be overwhelming as you contemplate a fundamental change to core operations while still running your business. However, to stay competitive and relevant in your industry, embracing digital transformation is a necessity.  

At Brothers Digital, we’re here to reduce the overwhelm. Our job is to guide you through your digital transformation by identifying and recommending the best possible technology solutions for your business. 

As we’re not affiliated with any particular provider, we’re free to make unbiased recommendations based on thorough research and stringent criteria. In other words, we’re here to help you, not to help us.

Our Digital Transformation Process



where your business is now

The first stage in the digital transformation process is auditing where your business is right now and where you want it to be. This includes a thorough review of current systems and processes to identify areas of concern. This information gathering stage helps us build a list of requirements for your business and guides us through the transformation process. 



current & future needs

Once we know where your business is now and where you want it to be, we undertake further research into your business, your industry, your customers and your future plans. This allows us to determine your immediate needs and prioritise these in the transformation process. It also helps us determine future requirements that need to be incorporated into a digital solution.



technology solutions

With this understanding we get to work, researching the best technology options to meet your current and future requirements. As we are not aligned with a specific technology provider we look into all available options to find a technology solution to best meet the needs of your business, developing a detailed assessment based on our research.



findings for consideration

Once we complete our detailed research phase, we come back to you and present a curated list of technology solutions to best suit the current and future needs of your business. We provide a detailed explanation of each option, the benefits available to your business and how each option could transform your operations, meeting your current and future requirements.



for you with providers

Following our presentation, we help you make an informed decision by organising meetings with your preferred technology providers. Acting as your in-house marketing and technology advisor, we represent your interests in these meetings. We clarify how various technology solutions would work in your business and ensure your questions are answered to your satisfaction.



the deployment process

With a decision made on your preferred technology solution, we get to work, planning and managing a successful deployment. We can work with your in-house IT department or project manage the deployment on your behalf. Throughout the process, we’re available to answer questions and troubleshoot issues to ensure a successful deployment for your business.



training and ongoing support

Our job isn’t over when your technology solution is deployed. To make sure your digital transformation is a success we provide initial on-the-job training and ongoing support to your people. Delivering a mix of on-site and remote support services, we help you train, support and transition your people so they are confident in operating your new system and processes.

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