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Organic & paid social media marketing

Social media plays an increasingly important role in the way that businesses and consumer interact. Consumers often look to social media for research before making purchase decisions and businesses that aren’t making themselves available there are missing a large chunk of the pie. 

We discuss social media in some form or another for every project we embark on. Whether it be using social insights to inform a keyword strategy for a search engine optimisation project, or integrating social media into a new website, there is always a way social media can determine the success or failure of a project. 

Social media, much like search engines has organic and paid components;

  • Organic social media is extremely powerful for building a more genuine relationship between brand and consumer.
  • Paid social is used to create powerful, highly targeted ads that could be a vital part of the lead generation funnel for many businesses.  
Using a mix of organic and paid social media is a powerful and affordable way to build a community around a brand and enforce your conversion funnel. 

The world is on social media. Are you?

Facebook has 1.2 billion active users. Instagram has an average of 95 million photos and videos shared on its platform everyday. LinkedIn has 380 million members and those numbers are only getting larger. If your business does not have a considered and integrated social media strategy in place to tap in to these markets, you’re leaving a massive slice of the pie on the table. 

Social media gives you a giant digital megaphone to share your brand with. Social media allows you to build a community, find an audience that your brand resonates with and tap into that market. Like all digital marketing, it’s extremely nimble giving you the power to pivot when the strategy requires or react to opportunities faster than your competitors. 

A common pitfall of social media is the temptation to be everything to everyone. Yes, the potential audience on social media is huge but finding the right audience is key to finding success through social channels. This is where we come in. We will help you identify and reach the right audience at the right time to achieve real outcomes. We won’t use a catch-all approach. We’ll make sure you realise the full value of your social media investment.


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Reach more. Convert more. Pay less.

Paid social offers marketers the opportunity to reach the right audience at scale, even those people who have not previously been exposed to a brand or product. Using paid social, we can target an audience based on a target demographic or market. We can target people who are looking at a competing firm with your ads and ensure your brand is a part of the conversation. 

No longer do users have to like, follow or subscribe to a brand to get their message. Instead, we construct an audience based on specific target criteria; this could be interest, affiliations, affinities, demographic, geographic location, work, job title, their sports team and so much more. We discover where this audience spend their time online and then direct contextually relevant messages of specific interest to them at every stage of the buying journey. 

Content, creative and messaging used within the ads we create for you are all built around your brand and values. Social ads can be used in creative ways to get the right message across – from showcasing your latest property for sale via an image carousel or to announcing a special offer via a live video. Part of the reason why you should engage an agency for your social media campaign is that we can make sure you get the right message to the right people via the right medium at the right time. This saves wasted clicks and impressions and maximising the value of every dollar you spend on social media. 

No digital marketing campaign should be embarked upon without considering how all your digital channels integrate to ensure your messaging is always consistent. As a full service digital agency, Brothers Digital can help with your social media strategy and make sure it is completely integrated across all your marketing channels, from paid search to your website and even your offline media campaigns.

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