Maxx Electrical – Web Design, Internet Marketing, Logo & Branding

Maxx Electrical – Web Design, Internet Marketing, Logo & Branding

The Situation

Maxx Electrical approached us when they were Newcastle City Electrical Services; a Newcastle based electrical company with unparalleled experience and customer service. NCES was at a crossroads and needed our help to chart a path forward to achieve their goals. NCES had a loyal following and an established presence in the Newcastle Market but wanted to re-position themselves to represent their customer-first, family friendly approach.

We were asked to completely re-brand the business and create a new identity for them. We were told to be brave and to create something fresh and memorable. As part of this project we provided these services;

The objective

Newcastle City Electrical Services was a large electrical business wanting to simplify their operation. The proprietors wanted to work closer with businesses and people in Newcastle in a Newcastle way and wanted us to help achieve that vision.

We needed to capture and grow their share of the local market and ensure that when economic pressures struck the industry that they were insulated against it. NCES wanted to move away from large tenders and big commercial projects and focus on individuals, home owners, small businesses and local Newcastle organisations. We had to ensure that leads are consistent and that ‘the phone kept ringing.’ To maximise the return for our clients, we had to ensure that the marketing message was perfectly targeted.

Branding & identity

To best capture the market we planned a re-brand for NCES. We wanted to bring a personal feel to the business and create something less ‘business-y.’ We left the name up to the owners and set on creating an identity that was unique. Our clients identified that nearly every electrical company in Newcastle or the Hunter has a blue or green logo and we were asked to do something different.

When our clients brought the name ‘Maxx Electrical’ to use we loved it. The explanation was that Maxx was the company director’s nickname in high school and helps get back on the personal level with their clients. The name suited the goal the business wanted to achieve.

maxx logo_gumtreeWe created many different concepts for the new brand and when the clients suggested the name ‘Maxx Electrical’ we knew we had a great brand to match. Our design was created to be instantly recognisable and give anyone viewing it an idea of what they do before they even read the words. The font was custom designed by our graphic designers to be shaped like lightning and the colour was chosen as a half way point between yellow and red; yellow which represented friendliness and family, and red which represented power (electrical power that is).

We created a full branding and identity document to govern all marketing and content material. It specifies colours, fonts, themes, images and collateral to keep all content consistent.

Custom marketing collateral

We created a range of custom marketing collateral for use in Maxx Electrical’s marketing content. Some were created for special events or occasions to capture the interest of Maxx’s social media audience.

The website

We designed and developed the new Maxx Electricial website using WordPress. WordPress is the world’s favourite content management systems and we love it because of its simplicity and strength. We used a bare-bones template to save time and keep costs down, and custom designed the look and feel of the website to suit the brand.

We created two versions of the same website; one with a custom software suite to allow customers to book online and another version which encouraged customers to call. We tested both for over 6 months and discovered that the version that encouraged customers to call converted better. We rolled that version out for all users and conversions have been high ever since.

The website for Maxx Electrical is very straightforward for customers to navigate and get the information they require. The web design is responsive and works on all devices. On every page a button to click to call means that Maxx Electrical is only one click away at any time.

We’ve designed custom landing pages for each Google AdWords ad and many key words and phrases to ensure the content offered up by the site is relevant for each user’s query. We manage the content so are constantly updating and improving the site to make sure Maxx Electrical continues to maintain a high visibility in the local market.

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