Dom Lacey

Dom Lacey

Dom Lacey is the other half of the leadership team at Brothers Digital and is responsible for our creative works. Dom manages our web designbranding, and graphic design projects and provides creative direction for our marketing and communication campaigns.

Dom has always been a creative person. As a teenager, Dom found his voice and love of music and began demonstrating his artistic ability through drawings and paintings.

He looks at problems differently and can create solutions that many wouldn’t have thought of. He finds new opportunities for businesses to better connect with their clients and uses clever design to help businesses better communicate with their audience.

Now, wherever Dom is, his computer isn’t ever far away. He is a digital native and has gained a deep and thorough understanding of code and digital technologies.

Dom studied digital media at the University of Newcastle and in Hong Kong and now flexes his design muscles by helping craft digital experiences for our clients.

Dom is a passionate musician and stage acting, having performed in Wicked, Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables. He is also a keen gamer and YouTube partner with over 14.8 million views across his channel.