Masha Koster Makeup – A website by Brothers Digital

Masha Koster Makeup – A website by Brothers Digital

Masha Koster is an international makeup artist from the Hunter Valley region of NSW. Masha has trained with some of the biggest names in makeup and has plied her trade internationally and domestically. Masha Koster Makeup specialise in bridal, commercial, fashion and portrait makeup and needed a website to showcase their stunning portfolio.

We were asked to create a clean design, built on a system that would allow for growth. The focus of the website had to be on the portfolio and showcasing Masha Koster Makeup’s expertise.

As part of this project we used the following skills;

The objective

Masha Koster Makeup asked us to build a website that was simple and clean. It had to be minimalist with a focus on the portfolio. We had to create a look and feel that was luxurious and elegant, while ensuring that the branding was ever out-of-touch. Masha was very clear that the design has to be straightforward and that she didn’t want anything to be there for the fun of it. Everything on the site had to have a purpose and help the user find the information they wanted.

The website had to grow with the business and be easy to use. Masha had to be able to make edits and add work to her portfolio as they happened. The site had to hook into Masha Koster Makeup’s social media profiles and give customers many ways to get in contact with them.

The website

We designed and developed the Masha Koster Makeup website using WordPress. WordPress is the world’s favourite content management system and we love it because of its simplicity and power. We used an existing template and customised it to suit the brand of Masha Koster Makeup.

To help the website achieve its goals, we built a custom template for the home, service and contact us page and created custom portfolio layouts for Masha Koster Makeup to showcase their experience. Each page has a link to their social media profiles at the bottom of it so customers can easily connect with the business.

To make the website look cleaner, we used a page loader to hide the page while it was loader. This meant users were only offered the web page once it was fully loaded and ready. We kept things simple by having the logo in text form at the top of the page, a simple black and white menu, and the only colour on the page came from the images. At the top of the page were three small icons which allowed the visitor to email Masha Koster Makeup, or connect with them via Facebook or Instagram.