Conversion Rate Optimisation
Is your digital presence not performing as well as it could? Do you have high visitor numbers but low sales or conversions? Is your bounce rate over 60%? If you answered yes to any of these your website could be in need of Conversion Rate Optimisation.
In internet marketing, conversion optimisation (or conversion rate optimisation) is the process of systematically increasing the percentage of visitors to a website that convert into customers. That could be by making a purchase, filling in a lead generation form or contacting the business.

Conversion rate optimisation was born from a need for eCommerce websites to maximise their opportunities following the bursting of the DotCom bubble. As eCommerce websites became more prevalent, internet marketers started using analytics to track and monitor progress and become more measurable in their marketing practices. This prompted them to create more user-friendly websites that encouraged sales and delivered an experience the user wanted, driven by data and analytics.

Conversion optimisation emphasises tracking, testing and on-going improvement. Internet marketers analyse customer behaviour to remove barriers and streamline the customer flow to make sure that business goals are achieved. Conversion rate optimisation must assess the goals of the organisation but not lose sight of the need to provide value to customers.

Brothers Digital engage in conversion rate optimisation for many of our customers to streamline their user flows, create an awesome user experience, and make sure the website performs better. The numbers vary, but conversion rate optimisation can often result in an increase in conversions of upwards of 30%. If your business is slow, or your website is not performing as you wish it to, we can fix that.

Conversion Rate Optimisation Methodology

Conversion Rate Optimisation is not a difficult process. It is;
  • Step 1) Finding why users aren’t converting.
  • Step 2) Fixing it
That’s it. The longer business owners ignore conversion sapping issues on their website, the more money they are leaving on the table. The tough part for conversion rate optimisation is knowing where to look for the problems. Something you may think is a great feature on your website could actually be blocking conversions, and looking at the wrong data (or skewing the data to show the picture you want to see) will result in lower conversions.

Conversion Rate Optimisation is the easiest way to find more money for your business.

One of the first rules of Conversion Rate Optimisation is to throw out the rulebook. Things that may work for your competitor, might not work for you. Something considered ‘best practice’ for your industry, may actually cost you conversions. To get a grasp on how we can improve conversions, we look at your data and why your customers aren’t converting. Looking at best practice only gives half and answer, the full answer will be hidden in your data.
The conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to a website who reach a goal, as defined by a website owner. That may be;
  • A user who places an order on an eCommerce website.
  • A user who makes a booking for a plumber via their website.
  • A user who makes a donation to a charity on their website.
  • Or, any other defined action.
To find areas to improve we rely on quality, historic data for your site and for your industry. We use Google Analytics and other tools to help us track users and user flows to find issues or opportunities. At the end of it all, what we find will merely be hypotheses, but hypotheses based on data. These hypotheses need to be tested and to test them we use methods like A/B testing and multivariate testing and measure the engagement rates, bounce rates, and ultimately, conversion rates.

Why is Conversion Rate Optimisation so important?

Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimisation by eGroup Creative

Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimisation by Brothers Digital

Conversion Rate Optimisation for eCommerce Websites

Conversation rate optimisation will work for all types of websites but it is especially important for eCommerce websites.

Think of it like this. In a bricks and mortar shop, a business owner can change things in store to improve sales. The sales assistant can be friendly and knowledgeable, the displays can be well laid out and informative, and the general environment can be clean and tidy. These will improve sales for a store. In eCommerce, it isn’t much different.

Conversion rate optimisation for eCommerce is making sure that the products are displayed in a way that encourages interaction, gives the customer the information they want, and it laid out logically. Conversion rate optimisation for eCommerce is making sure that the site itself is professional, and that the elements make sense. The website needs to responsive, to display brilliantly on all devices. Driven by data, we can look at the barriers on your website that are stopping users converting.

By using data and analytics to identify barriers to conversions on your eCommerce website, we can identify opportunities to grow your business and maximise the value of each lead. Rather than a series of guesses and hunches, we use data to make sure we diagnose the problem, hypothesise a solution, implement the solution, and test it.

How to improve Conversion Rates

To improve conversions rates, we focus on identifying and correcting barriers in your conversion funnel. To do this, we engage a structured and proven process to sift through your website’s data to find pain points for your visitors and opportunities for your business. We learn about your business, your customers and your industry and use that insight to guide our work.
When we engage in conversion rate optimisation for a client, we will look at a site through the eyes of the customer and look out for some of these common conversion barriers.
  • Does your website have a call to action and is it clear and easy to follow?
  • Is your content relevant, targetted, well-placed and unique? Or is your website cluttered with irrelevant graphics, too much text or ‘fluffy’ content that isn’t necessary?
  • Is your site user-friendly? Is it easy to navigate and find information? Is it easy for visitors to find answers to their questions? If it is an eCommerce website, is it easy for customers to complete the checkout process?
  • Is your website mobile optimised?
  • Is your website secure and is it trustworthy?’
  • Is your web presence consistent? That is, is your phone number, logo, address all the same across every platform?
  • Is your checkout or lead capture form too long?

Addressing these will improve website conversions but we have a list of over 300 items we check to make sure your site is conversion optimised. We will take the time to look into your website and use data to improve conversion rates.

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